Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Not enough pictures on this blog

Real knitting blogs have pictures, many pictures of FOs.

I have only recently acquired a digital camera. I'm a Luddite, you could say: I am the only person I know (other than my parents) who does not own a cellphone. For years I held out against digital cameras. I don't care what they say: prints from digital files are flat and grainy. I've yet to see a digital print that I thought was of decent quality. Yes, I know professional photographers use digital cameras today, but I am not a professional photographer; I take snapshots, and so do my friends. And every digital snapshot I've ever seen has been flat and grainy.

Doubtless the secret is in the megapixels, but for now, I hold stubbornly onto my film camera, and I have bought the cheapest possible digital camera for blog pics.

Here are pics of my first project, that beaded sweater knitted on size 3 needles:

(My friend took these pics with her digital camera.)

I believe I used Anny Blatt Baby wool, and got 7 stitches per inch. I honestly don't know if I will ever be able to do that again. I love the fabric small needles make, but I am just too impatient to knit at such a small gauge. I want to be done so I can move onto the next thing!

Yet I hate chunky knits, so I will never be a big gauge girl. For now I seem to have settled on DK (5.5 spi) as my favorite gauge.

Now, if I am being absolutely honest, this is not the very first thing I ever knitted. The very first thing was a scarf I knit in grad school, in 1992. I knit it in the round, with broad black-and-white stripes, and if you laid the scarf out flat you could see that the stripes were actually large letters which spelled "Brian" (the friend for whom the scarf was a gift). I designed it with the help of a knitting friend and, I must say, it turned out nicely. I also was so bored by the end of it I swore never to knit again.

Fast-forward 13 years, and a beaded sweater on size 3's was the perfect distraction for a broken heart. Hopefully I will never have to take such drastic measures again!

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