Friday, May 11, 2007

In which I lack equipment and knowledge

So, here is a first attempt at designing an invitation, which I did very quickly in Word:

(Names obscured because this is the Internet :-)

It's very plain, and I think my sweetie would like it (I haven't shown him yet). It may be a bit too plain for me, but I think I could come around, especially if I decided to splurge and do letterpress. You see, this place will take your design and letterpress it for a very reasonable price. I could be happy with a plain invitation if I could have letterpress.

The problem with designing my own, of course, is that I lack the tools (and also the design training, but if I keep it simple we won't worry too much about that). For example, I would need to provide the file as a pdf (at the very least: they'd love a Quark file), and I have no means of making a pdf. The little double happiness in the middle is a jpeg I swiped from somewhere; by no means is it a printer-ready piece of art. Somehow I would need to get my hands on a hi-res piece of art, preferably one that's "vectored" (like that term? I learned it yesterday) so that I can size it at will and still keep the quality of the image.

On top of it, it has occurred to me that it might be nice to ask my dad to write a double happiness for me--he's known in his family for his beautifl Chinese calligraphy, and it would be a nice, personal touch. Then I would need a scanner to get the art into my computer, and who knows how you scan something as a vectored piece of art?

All of this is going to cost money; I certainly am not going to invest in a scanner or a piece of software that costs hundreds--that would sort of defeat the purpose of designing my own.

On the other hand, I'm saving a lot of money in yarn these days--what else am I going to spend my craft money on? :-)


Anonymous said...

I like the design - so cool. If you decide to go that route. A cheaper option than investing in your own equipment would be to hire a designer who has that equipment. I'm still in touch with a certain ex-co-worker who might give you a good deal--cass

Anonymous said...

Hi! i came across your blog after google-ing Battery gardens wedding (i'm getting married at the same place!). anyway, a suggestion for cheap vector designs - i am designing my own invites too, and got my graphic from there (only $1/design!) i saw several 'double happiness' graphics on there (just search for 'wedding' or 'chinese wedding' under the illustrations option). good luck!!

Nopinkertons said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I waffle between really wanting to do this and being intimidated by the idea. I think my sweetie and I will sit ourselves down at a stationery store and see if anything commercially available really grabs us both--just to make sure there's a reason I'm going to go through the trouble; if nothing calls to us, it's into the abyss I will go!