Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stupid cute

I know that, according to the last post, I am knitting a yellow sweater. However, I must confess I became disenchanted with the project this weekend, and I have frogged it ("to frog" = to unravel knitting, so called because when you unravel knitting, you "rip it, rip it") and begun something else with the yarn. To console myself for a week's worth of wasted knitting, I turned to a small project, for the new baby of one of my sweetie's coworkers:

These are Old World Booties from Interweave Knits. They took about three hours each to knit, and then 30 minutes in the washer to felt. They shrank, also: they were over 5" long when they went in, huge, even for the son of a man over 6 feet, but now they are about 4" long. Still big, but not laughably so.

I am utterly enchanted with them. They are my very first felted project (finally, I live in an apartment with a top-loading washer), and they're little and fuzzy and stupid cute. I am fighting the urge to dig up every random scrap of wool in my stash and knit up another dozen.

I've already started counting the expected babies in our social circle. There will be more.


The Beast Mom said...

So you tried the felting technique! I asked my sis about those felted fuzzies and she said something about a fuzzie ball shaper dealie. I have no idea what she means. Must be like a Jello mold for felted fuzzies. :)

The booties are very cute!


Anonymous said...


Squirrelette said...

Okay, those booties ARE stupid cute. ;-) And I can't believe you frogged all that yellow knitting! I can't even finish a baby sweater for my coworker Shirley L. (yes, it will be very confusing)