Monday, November 02, 2009


Our cutie's first Halloween was a success:

OK, he didn't care, but we enjoyed ourselves :-).

Today he had his one-month appointment with the doctor. He is now 10 lbs, 6 oz. He also shocked all of us (including the doctor) by rolling over during the appointment. The doctor had him lying on his stomach on the examining table, she was commenting on how strong he is (he can lift his head and hold it up for quite a while), when all of a sudden, he just rolled himself right over onto his back. He may not do it again for a month or two, but we were pretty darned impressed, and convinced we have the smartest, strongest baby ever born :-).

Now if only he would sleep.


Beth said...

Oh, man, he gets cuter (and smarter and stronger :)) by the minute. And what an adorable costume!

I'll email you for more details. Around here it's been the flu. That one, probably. I had four down, topping out at 105, and two secondary bacterial infections among 'em. Scary. But touch woods we're finally out of 'em. :)

Squirrelette said...

A-HA! So my question about his advanced wiggling capabilities was on the money!