Saturday, January 30, 2010

How did they know?

Thursday was my 40th birthday. It was kind of an odd birthday, considering it was a big one: I went out for lunch with my oldest friend (as in, we've known each other since we were 4), but did not do anything big and fancy.

This was partly because my sweetie was out of town this week, on business in Tampa. It just so happens that his brother, sister-in-law, and nephews live in Tampa, and his parents have a winter condo there (to be nearer the grandkids, of course), so while he was there on business, he got to see his family, too. It worked out nicely, except that my sweetie felt bad to be missing my big birthday.

My in-laws sent me a very nice little flower arrangement, but as they were taking my sweetie to the airport on Friday, he happened to mention that it was my 40th birthday. My in-laws were appalled. They had not realized it was a BIG birthday. They felt a simple flower arrangement was not enough. They insisted on stopping and buying me another gift for my sweetie to take home with him.

Here it is:
That, my friends, is a waxed paper bag filled with a 1/2 pound of deep fried bacon.

My in-laws may win me over yet :-).


Squirrelette said...

! ! !

Details! Want details!

Am still pondering what to get you but now I have much to live up to! Heh.

The Beast Mom said...

That is magnificent. The redundancy of the double fry! How did it taste?


Nopinkertons said...

The bacon was good--though I think it would have been spectacular had it been eaten immediately, rather than after several hours on a plane. I do have to say, that the deep fried fat was the best part. The strips were thick--about a 1/4 inch--so these were substantial pieces of crispy fat goodness. Yum!