Friday, April 23, 2010

I think I might be sick

So this morning, our cutie fell off the couch.

We were getting ready for our walk with a neighbor. I put his coat on, and sat him down on the couch, then turned to get my coat. I heard a huge thud, and when I turned around, he was no longer on the couch. He must have rolled forward and somersaulted off. I thought there was plenty of room between him and the edge. I was wrong.

I was so freaked out that I cannot tell you if he was on the (thankfully, carpeted) floor face up or face down. He did start crying, though, hard. By the time I called the doctor's office, waited on hold, then spoke to the nurse, he had calmed down--a good sign, she said. She gave me a list of things to watch for, but based on my answers to the questions she asked, she did not sound terribly concerned.

Now, a couple hours later, he seems totally fine, and has probably forgotten the whole thing. I am still shaking. My heart is still racing. Very, very freaked out. It might take me days to recover.


Anonymous said...

Oh, man, I feel your scare! You're right, though, their noggins are tougher than our nervous systems. Thankfully!!

Beth said...

The above Anon. was me. And Alonso at the mouse. :)

Nancy said...

At a Lamaze reunion, when our kids were roughly six months old, one dad cheerfully asked, "So, am I the only one who's dropped my kid?" After we stopped laughing hysterically, we all 'fessed up. I was teaching my son to roll, and let him get too close to the edge of the bed . . . With my daughter, I didn't stomp on the stroller brake hard enough, and it rolled ten feet down our driveway before tipping her face first into a shrub. In both cases I was infinitely more freaked out than either baby. I don't even remember tears from *them.* Hang in there -- if we could break babies, the human race would have ended long ago.

Beast Mom said...

Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day!

It was kind of amusing to read this post on the day I wanted to wish you this. Hope you are less traumatized now. :)