Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Project

Here is the sweater I bought in the thrift store on Saturday, two weekends ago:

It's a Casual Corner sweater, size XL, 66% wool, 34% silk. It's got a lovely sheen to it, and when measured in rib, it's about 7 stitches per inch. I bought it for $4.49 at the Goodwill store on 181st Street, waaaaayyyy uptown, in a Dominican neighborhood.

Here is the same sweater, unraveled into fluffy kinky balls. I love this stage, and the bounciness of these hanks of yarn.

Those same hanks, after washing, hanging in my shower to drip dry and unkink:

The finished product, 22 oz. of yummy (almost edible!) wool/silk yarn, waiting to be turned into lace:

But wait, wait, there's one more step. You see, I've decided that I simply cannot wear white lace. It's too girly. Quite honestly, I do not know what line white lace crosses to become "too girly", since, after all, I just finished knitting a pair of pink fuzzy angora socks, but I know it has crossed that line. So the only thing for it is to change the color of this lovely yarn.

How, you ask?


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Squirrelette said...

Hey! What were you doing up on 181st Street in the first place, missy? (I can barely ever get you to come visit me even halfway up.) And did you go to S&S Cheesecake while you were there?