Saturday, November 11, 2006



What you see here are 15 packets of Berry Blue, and six packets of Grape. I'm supposed to have one packet for every ounce of yarn, so this is about right. I am hoping to produce a nice blue with hints of purple.

Where did I find it? A giant Gristedes, almost as big as a suburban supermarket (or so I like to think; whenever I go into one of those suburban places I am astonished a building can cover so much acreage without the roof falling in), about ten blocks from my house. They didn't have a lot of flavors, but they had the ones I needed.

My mom is visting me right now, and I think she will think I have gone completely over the deep end if she were to witness me boiling yarn in Kool-Aid, so I think I will wait 'til next week to begin the experiment :-).


Anonymous said...

EUREKA!! And so why didn't you try that one earlier?? Silly.

Nopinkertons said...

Bit of a walk, didn't have time. But I stopped there in the middle of my epic quest for a bathroom sink faucet. It was a small triumph in a six store/fifty block quest that nearly ended in ignominious defeat.