Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend of knitting

It's MLKJ weekend, so I have celebrated by knitting.

I have finished the first of my toe-up socks:

It fits my boyfriend perfectly, so I am pretty proud of myself. Now...must fight Second Sock Syndrome!

I also took a break from the sock to knit this:

This is knit from an Insubordiknit Monster Hat kit. The handspun yarn is beautiful and soft, and I really enjoyed working with it.

Being a Monster Hat kit, it came with this lovely little monster patch:

(It has an open skull)

But, once I got the hat knit, the monster didn't really seem to fit it. I will have to use him for something else.

The hat is topless because I have a big head, and I like hats to cover my ears. I knew, therefore, that I would not have enough yarn for a full coverage hat, so I designed this, which I suppose technically is more of a headband. I like this design, though, because it lets me keep my ponytail neat:

1 comment:

The Beast Mom said...

Ha! I like the monster very much. And the color of the headband hat. And the baby blanket texture.
Very cool projects. I'm rather amazed at how much you can knit in such a short time. :)