Thursday, March 08, 2007

A place

My sweetie and I went to look at places for the wedding on Saturday. Right now it is 20 degress outside, but Saturday was beautiful, in the 50s and sunny. A day for remembering that spring will come.

It was really lovely to spend the day with him, walking around with our coats off in the sunshine, thinking about getting married and sharing the excitement of the planning. The day reminded me of how really, really happy I am to have him. We work really well together, and we complement each other in ways that I don't always expect. I guess he's a keeper :-).

We saw three places on Saturday, one of which was too small, the second of which was a bit too expensive (although, situated on the corner of 14th St and Fifth Ave, it has gorgeous and quintessentially New York City views), and the third of which was just right:

It has something I really wanted, huge windows, and something my sweetie wanted, a view of the water. And, yes, the Statue of Liberty, which you can spot in this picture if you squint really hard, but which is unmissable in real life. This is the downstairs room, where the cocktail reception would be.

This is their much more professional shot of the upstairs room, where the ceremony and dinner would be:

I love it. I think a wedding there would be beautiful. I think we would have so much fun. I love the idea of coming back on our first anniversary and having a romantic dinner. I can't wait!

More after we sign the contract, because until then, nothing's written in stone (or on paper!).

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The Beast Mom said...

So? Is it a done deal? Is this the spot? I can see the SoL by the way. :)