Sunday, January 04, 2009


It's snowing again.  We've already got two inches.  Bleah.  Time for some knitting pics:

This is the Cobblestone pullover I started knitting for my sweetie last year.  I had to stop because of my shoulder injury, but picked it up again in time for this Christmas.  Actually, looking back at that post, I am very proud to say that I completed all three of those projects :-).

Right now I am working on Amused:

I am knitting this out of some Noro Cash Iroha I've had lying about for a couple of years, waiting for the perfect project.  I am loving it, frankly.  The gauge is not what's called for in the pattern, so I am making a larger size, and I've made some modifications, but I'm staying pretty true to the pattern.  I love the yarn, and so far I love the pattern.  It's my second top-down sweater (well, third, if you count a WIP I haven't finished), and I do like the top-down construction.  No seaming!  I hate seaming.  It also used a crochet provisional cast-on, which was so easy it may become my favorite provisional cast-on.  We'll see what I think once I unravel the crochet chain and pick up the stitches.

The cable border on the placket is really appealing to me, which is kind of interesting: I haven't much liked doing cables in the past.  But this is a pretty easy cable, and it's so pretty in the Cash Iroha I'm totally charmed.  Cash Iroha is probably not the best yarn for doing cables--the thick-and-thin quality of the yarn is kind of at odds with even, regular cables.  But since it's not an all-over cable, and the yarn has such a pretty glow from the silk content, I'm not caring.  Can't wait to get this done so I can wear it!

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The Beast Mom said...

The projects turned out nice. A is modeling so happily for you. :)

BTW, that blue color is very pretty.