Sunday, January 18, 2009

Serious knitting

So, here are some boring knitting details.  Non-knitters can skip to the end of the entry :-).

I'm almost done with Amused--just one sleeve to go!  I still love the pattern, although I discovered a problem with the collar as written in the pattern, and it caused me considerable agita for a while there.  I fixed it, though, and am rather proud of myself: this is my first real cable project, so having to fix a problem with the cable pattern was not easy, in particular because this is a two-sided cable (ie, it needs to look good from both sides of the fabric).  It involved a fair bit of frogging, which didn't make the yarn very happy, but it was worth it.

I still love the yarn, which is really lovely deep purple (the pics are not really accurate).  I am looking forward to being able to wear this one--when I try it on (the advantage of a top-down construction), it looks really nice.  I'm pretty happy about this, too, because to be honest, I don't wear a lot of my handknits, because I usually make something where I love the pattern, but the finished project is a little too wild or uncomfortable or sleeveless for me to wear often.  I think this one is a winner, though.

Knitting content over now; feel free to turn up the volume :-).

So, I haven't mentioned it on the blog, but my sweetie has landed a new job.  He managed this feat just two weeks after he received his notice at WaMu, before Christmas.  It was a huge load off our minds, let me tell you!  We were especially amused by my parents' reaction: you see, I've only known my sweetie for three years, and my dad only met him after we got engaged (my mom had met him a few months prior, when she came to NY for a visit), so they don't know him well.  My parents *like* him, but I think they were not sure of the content of his character, as they say, and so when they heard he had been laid off from WaMu, after he had had me quit my job, uproot my life, and move all the way across the country for him, they were worried.  The lousy economy did not help--it would be tough for anyone to find a job right now.

Not that they said any of this to us, mind you: they're not *that* tactless!  But in their joyful reaction to the news he has found a new job, it became apparent.  By finding a job so fast, in the middle of the holiday season, before the end of his notice at WaMu, even, so that he did not have a single day unemployed, he has proven himself to be a Worthy Provider for their daughter.  They were extremely impressed.  He is clearly the Best Son-in-Law ever.  My dad emailed, "Now M----- can stay home and have babies."


The Beast Mom said...

Can I now call A "Worthy Provider" instead of his real name?

I feel mixed about cables.


Nopinkertons said...

Yes, especially if you pronounce it "Whup".

I am mixed about cables, too. I think those traditional allover cable sweaters are a little much; they make everyone look bulky, and like a cable monster threw up. On the other hand, a bit of cabling, like on this sweater, looks nice. Of course, I don't enjoy knitting cables very much, which perhaps influences my feelings :-).

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