Thursday, September 24, 2009

2 Days (11 Days)

Well, I did try some spicy Indian food last night, but all it did was make the baby jump around a lot. SIGH.

Saw the doctor this morning. She says I am further along than last week, but still not about to pop. She said she cannot strip my membranes because my cervix is still too far back. But the baby does appear to be in the correct position for birth (his back to my front).

But the basic upshot is, I can't have the baby without contractions, so until I have them, we're just waiting around. Going nuts.

On the bright side, she's put me on the schedule to be induced. She can't induce me until I am one week past my due date, which will be October 3. So on Sunday, October 4, if I still haven't had the baby, she'll give me a ripening agent (softens the cervix) which, given where I am now, she thinks will be enough to bring on labor. If not, then on Monday, October 5, she'll induce me.

So, either way, this will be over in 11 days. Maybe I should change my count, 'cause there is no way this baby is coming without encouragement. Just what we need in this family, another procrastinator.


Squirrelette said...

Ha! Clearly the mellow environs of Seattle is having an effect on XY.

Umm... stripping membranes? Could you enlighten this clueless, childfree chick?

Beth said...

Pineapple, long walks, and sex were what people recommended to me. Didn't work, but helped pass the time. :)

Anyhow... I'm thinking about you and still hoping you'll get those baby pics in under the wire!

Anonymous said...

Eh, I don't think you'll have to be induced. But trust me on this, wait as long as possible. Going on your own is much better.


Anonymous said...

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