Monday, September 28, 2009

+ 2 Days (7 Days)

So, in an effort to keep from being angry with my son before he is even born, today I spent a few hours making a curtain for his room. The baby's room has some plain curtains in it, but we've been wanting to have some cute curtains instead. Cute curtains are hard to find--if you look for kids' curtains, mostly what you'll find is either licensed character stuff (Disney et al.) or just valances. I think valances are dumb.

So, I thought I would make some, but cute fabric is also tough to find, as much of it is pastel or flannel or just way too cutesy (which is not the same as cute!). But today, armed with a single item 50% off coupon, I went into Jo-Ann's and found some stuff I liked, and which I think my sweetie will like (we have, in this as in everything, very different tastes).

I also bought some blackout lining fabric so that the curtains will keep the room nice and dark. My sweetie thinks this will help the baby sleep; I have my doubts.

The baby's room has two windows, and therefore will need four panels. I managed to make one panel today before my needle broke; now I need to go back to Jo-Ann's and buy a needle. I was kind of amazed that the one panel took several hours to construct, but I was being unusually meticulous, as I wanted the blackout liner to hang well. It looks pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

My sweetie has accused me of nesting. I am not so sure. If I have the baby tonight or tomorrow, I will concede that maybe I was nesting. Otherwise, I was just really bored.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. Nicely done.


Squirrelette said...

You're so cute when you're nesting! (See? I'm thinking positive.)

And I'm so glad I'm out of reach of a good smack from you at the moment. ;-P

Nancy Corbato said...

The curtains are darling, and I'm blown away that you made them so well! Cute boy stuff is hard to find if you're not obsessively into sports or dinosaurs.

I do have to say that your sweetie is delusional about blackout lining helping the baby sleep. It might help the grown ups sleep when they pass out in the feeding chair. . . .

On that note, try to get meals, etc. prepared ahead of time if you can (if you haven't already, that is!). Between feedings, changing and just random crying, you really won't be able to get anything done for a while.

The Beast Mom said...

I like it. Hope you get to finish. Or maybe not. Which would be better? Finish all the curtain panels or have the baby? heh. :)